Thursday, 18 May 2017


I know I said I was going to curate a playlist for my Calabar trip.

I did not. But only because all the forces in the world conspired against me.

My internet at home stopped working, my sound cloud was doing a madness and other stories.

Anyway so Calabar was amazingggg. ( With 4g's yes)

I was there for a friends wedding and Lordy Lord!

The Efik culture is so rich.

What I really liked about the city was just how much greenery was available.

Everywhere I turned had trees, shrubs, everything.

And it was quiet too. Minimal traffic and a sane escape from the madness that is Lagos.

Lots of wavyness and gentle gra-gra went down and I can not wait to return and do more touristy things.

Excuse I told at work: I had to go see a doctor.
Vacation days used: None

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