Monday, 25 September 2017

Yoga at Vizcaya - Miami

 My hat and my mat on which a fat cat (me) sat.

I love Miami.

Miami is one of my favorite cities in America and it's probably my best in the world.

It's sensual and chill and has beaches for miles and miles and miles and it is literally what Lagos could have been but Eko Atlantic and poor planning.

But I'm still holding out hope for the water front on the Elegushi axis. *fingers crossed*

Back to Miami.

After Cuba, I spent a week there further steeping myself in enjoyment. So the usual Liv & Story visits, and I discovered this really sweet spot called Bodega and ate taco's at 3am.

But the highlight of Miami for me was a Yoga class I took at Vizcaya.

I stumbled upon this while looking for events in Miami and I happened to be there over a bank holiday so I didn't want to do the beach or a boat trip that would mean me having to wear white and mingling with the whole world in the water and all that.

Anyway I found this and fell in love.

Vizcaya is the dream house.
 It was built as a summer home in the early 1916 by a certain James Deering and has the most delicious gardens fashioned after the Versailles gardens.

If Versailles and Lake Garda had a child and a really rich man with beautiful taste looked after the child it would be the Vizcaya mansions. It is so lovingly maintained .
The mansion was restored so perfectly and has been converted to a museum and event space.

Up the stairs to my class


Anyway enough about the space.
I'm pretty new to Yoga as a sport/ practice but I realized that I needed relaxation and calm and meditation in my life and I have flirted around with the possibility a lot. So the class seemed like the perfect union.

Class was hosted by Trio Yoga and the teacher was pretty flexible & perfect.

Showed up late and joined in and as usual class kicked my ass but I loved it.

Shiny new mat for the class

Totally wiped after the class

After the class I took the opportunity to walk around and just take in everything.

The garden is so stunning in person and the mansion now museum has bits of art installations everywhere. 


Aclove in the garden

Statue in the mansion

Hostest with the mostest my friend who joined me looking like Lady of the Mansion

Me and these light mirror frames that are pretty cool

More garden views

Walk way and garden views.

If you are in Miami you should totally spend some time at Vizcaya, it is like an oasis in the madness that is Miami- and I love the madness, but we all need to rest sometimes.

The class cost $18, if you are a Vizcaya member/ Trio Yoga member and $50 if you are a walk in.

Since I was visiting from Lagos, I called the organizers and asked if I could attend the class and pay $18 as I didn't live in Miami and couldn't be a member of either.

They agreed.

Also this was a super deal because entry to the museum is $18.

Killed all the birds with this $18 payment.

Also they offered me the option to use this same $18 as credit towards obtaining a life time membership of the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.- Which I declined because, wetin concern agbero with overload.

When I say all the birds, I mean it.

Important to note, I was the only black person at this class and in the mansion till my friend came to join me. No racist vibes or anything just something to note if you get around to visiting Vizcaya.

My friend took this photo and I understand why everyone kept asking if I was a model. LOL

 Ps: I can't wait for Nigerians to discover this space and start hosting evening weddings here.
The optics will bang so hard.

Have you been to Miami?
If yes what stood out for you?
If not yet- what are you looking forward to about it?

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