Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Lekki Conservation Center

My baby cousin (I refer to every one younger than me as baby- so baby brother, baby cousin etc etc), said cousin is actually a medical doctor and over 25 so really not a baby .

Not my baby cousin
Anyway, my baby cousin, came into Lagos for the week as a vacation from work as she lives in Abuja.

In as much as I love Lagos, it is stressful.

But people can come here on vacation and still have a swell time.
I curated an itinerary for my baby cousin and she had such a wonderful time. ( if you want a run down, hit me up)
Baby Cousin

Lagos as a vacation spot? 
I dig it. Totally
Might as well put out a series of vacation touristy things to do in Lagos. 

Of all the things we did for the week she was here, I’d say LCC was the most fun and informative. 

The Lekki Conservation Center was opened in 1990 by the Nigerian conservation foundation (NCF). It is a seventy something hectare of natural reserve spanning from the lekki express ( where the entrance is) towards the Atlantic.

Rumor has it that the master landscape architect that worked on it asked, begged pleaded with the NCF to extend it to the atlantic as there needed to be a natural outlet for an eco system to flourish. The same rumor has it that NCF said LOL, and cordoned off the conservative center, took the land facing the Atlantic and built a delicious water front estate.As a result there are not a lot of animals to see. I mean there is a turtle, a few peacocks and enough monkeys. And probably insects too.

Irrespective of the rumors if you are a tree hugger or not, the conservation center is an oasis from the Lagos madness. It also houses the longest canopy walk in Africa. Which was built by Oyibos so it’s pretty safe.

We arrived at 4pm on a Wednesday and bought tickets.
LCC is open from 9am-5pm.
Entry into the center costs N1,000.
Access to the canopy walk N1,000 and
access to the family area N1,000.
Total N3,000.

You pay at the entrance and you are given three different bands that give access to the three attractions
I only have two, because I didn't think I'd want to go to the family area
 There is a tour guide every 30 minutes to walk you and your party along with the other visitors that arrive in the same time slot.
Now there are three main attractions of the conservation center. The actual walk way, built on stilts sitting over the swamp through the conservation that is overrun with monkeys. The main attraction here is the tree house. 
Walk way

Strike a pose

The second one is the canopy walk
Please read the warnings properly

Baby cousin

Sun set. At the highest point of the canopy walk

the third is the family area which has games and fish ponds and gazeebo’s for a picnic.


Chess game

 If you were observant enough to note that I had two bands but visited the three attractions, you are right. I decided last minute after the canopy walk to show my cousin the family area. There was no one checking our tickets so we just walked right in, played a game of chess and watched the sun set.

Entrance to the family area

A few things to note about LCC is that you walk everywhere. So you want to keep your personal possessions on you to a minimum. I.e. Leave your magic bag that has everything in it AT HOME. Or in your car, your hands will thank you.

Also you’d need the hands to hold the railings while you do the canopy walk.

As for food it might be difficult to lug two coolers of drinks through the conservatory to get to the family area where there are seats available.
But where there is a will, there is a way. – you can ask the LCC staff to get it to the family area and tip them.

I think If you plan to have a bohemian picnic LCC seems like just the spot.Or if you are like me and you just need to come somewhere quiet to watch the sun set and play candy crush on your phone then LCC is for you.

Ps: I also think it is perfect for a first date as a picnic with someone who you "actually like" and want to get to know, because all you have to do is talk and stare into each other's eyes.
Dear Lagos boys. Don't say I don't do anything for you.

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