Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Trinidad I, Cuba

Trinidad ( not to be mistaken with the country Trinidad & Tobago )was the first city in Cuba that I visited.

As I had previously stated I flew into Cienfuegos and Trinidad is an hour away.

After realizing that no one spoke any English I managed to change some money, get in a cab and find our way to my booked Casa particular.

I arrived and the previous occupants  were sick and couldn't move out (or that is what my host said) so said host relocated me to another Casa across the road, then invited me to lobster dinner the next evening to make it up.

Again, none English speaking hosts meant
more sign language and Google translate app.

Slept like a baby lamb because rain, because tired and because Jet lagged from Lagos.


I woke up to take a walk, watch the sun rise and scope the city out.
and the city is precious. Just precious.

Fence free Casa's painted the most beautiful colors.

City Map ( in Spanish)

City Square center thingy watching the sun rise

Random alley way with horse and carriage

So many pretty doors

Cobble stone roads ( aka leave your heels in Lagos)

Keep it real

Brightly colored Bistro

Bar top

Roof top

Mint leaf garden ( #Mojitolife)

Then I went back to my hotel and decided to get ready to hike at El Cubano see the water fall and swim in it.
Plot twist- I can't swim. 
But I did not let that little fact stop me from wearing a two piece and taking fire photos.

Drop Top and this gorgeous sky view

El-Cubano Natural park

Water fall. The photos do not convey how amazing it looked

Water fall

Random: Cuba is full of good looking men ( That I will hereafter refer to as snacks)

After Swimming and hiking back. Hike was a total of 3 hours  total sweat fest by the way but sooo good.

Decided to try out this restaurant that one of my American passport wielding friends told us to check out.

After getting lost, eventually arrived and discovered that they had closed for lunch but reopened for dinner at 6pm. 

Hashtag Fail.

Ended up stumbling into some random place and having lunch and finding my way home for a well deserved nap.
Woke up and went to have lobster dinner with my original host. And I had the most delicious cocktail. Canchanchara? (spelling is most likely wrong because non spanish speaking Nigerian girl) but it had honey, rum and lemon. Don't ask me it worked.
Went home showered and got ready to hit Disco Ayala.
Disco Ayala is a club in an actual cave. I know.
My mother's prayers working over time because children of God the walk to the cave is something out of a nollywood movie.

Bonus photo of me in a bikini because- what is the point of being catfish on a travel blog?

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