Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Trinidad II, Cuba

Disco Ayala.

This is what Trip Advisor says about Disco Ayala

Disco Ayala Review

It is true what it says. Everything.

After obtaining detailed directions from everyone I saw in Spanish, I set out to find La cuevas.

On my way I stumbled into an art studio.

Met the artist who was really lovely and let me come in look around and was so gracious to take photos with me and let me photograph his art.

Spanish Harlem Mona lisa.

Art Dealer Chic

Then I continued my journey that seemed like something out of a nollywood movie.

Eventually at the top of a hill, I followed a bunch of American tourists who seemed like they knew where they were going and boom:

Disco Ayala Entrance

Payed the cover charge and proceeded to dance the night away with strangers in a cave.

FunFact: The club has projectors so while the music is playing you get to watch the video concurrently.  Which really works out perfectly if you are like me and just decided to download all the Spanish music you heard in Cuba.

Drinks are included in the cover charge and you are allowed to take as many photos as you want.
There is no food in the club unfortunately BUT I'm assuming you had a long meal before you embarked on the journey to la cuevas.

Cuban men are so touchy feely want to be in your photo constantly.
 This and Elcubano were the two things asides museums and art galleries that I got up to in Trinidad.

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