Monday, 3 July 2017

Havana I, Cuba

On Monday, I woke up and took an art walk around Trinidad visited a bunch of art studios and bought the one piece of art that spoke to me.

Anyway I hired a collectivo ( which is a shared taxi) and headed to Havana.

Journey took exactly 4 hours and the driver was reminiscent of an Oko ashawo taxi driver.
I shared the collectivo with an American Algerian who told me to make sure I stayed in Old Havana by the central park, and that is exactly what I did.

From what I understood, Havana was supposed to be the main city in Cuba.
Think like the Lagos of Nigeria and it was exactly that and more.

Since I didn't have casa reservations, when I got to the park, I dragged my suitcase, hired a Bici-Taxi -think like keke, and he took me to a casa and it was perfect except the host said she had only 3 nights and I had 4 nights left in Havana.

Whatever I took it like that.

Settled in, and took a nap. Woke up at 11pm and decided to explore the city.

On the corner of the malecon.

Started walking at ended up at the Museum of the revolution.

Sidebar: The Revolution is HUGE in Cuba and even till date the tales of Che, Fidel and Camino are everywhere. The Cubans are fiercely patriotic. I have not even see anything like it.

Five minutes into the walk I met two people, a Cuban guy and Mexican girl, that became my unofficial tour guides for the night.

Capitol building with my new friends.

She spoke a bit of English, between that and my google translate we were able to communicate.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre and Me.

These statues/monuments are everywhere in Havana

Museum of the Revolution 

This tank is "rumored" to be the one that Che used in the major invasion.

Camino, Fidel and Che. on a random building

Vas Bein Fidel

 After a 20 minute walk they decided to take me dancing, but first, we went to her house to drop off her things.

Boarded a mini bus think danfo, hopped in the back and headed off

Drivers Back view in the mini cab.

On a Monday evening/Tuesday morning, we ended up at Club Cantante, it's in the lobby/underground Teatro Nacional.

Anyway let me just say that it was LITTTYYYY. I walked in and there was some dance competition and it was so funny, my hosts were so kind to let me just watch and soak up the madness that was Cantante.

Live band and the crowd.
Another thing I found so strange, where did all of you come from?
Like is there no work tomorrow?
Apparently not.

Dragged myself out of there, got in a cab and went back to my Casa.

That was how I spent my first night in Havana.


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