Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Tropicana is a world famous cabaret show hosted at "The Tropicana" in Havana and it was on my to do list.

But as with every thing in Cuba, Tropicana is not cheap.

Seat prices range from CUC75 to CUC120 dependent on seat location and whether or not dinner was going to be included.

I opted for the most affordable tickets at CUC75 because, I had researched before I left Lagos and I knew that seat location was not going to impact the experience greatly or at all.

Plus it came with a bottle of Havana club and a flower if you are female or a cigar if you are male.

I attempted to finesse my way out of a flower into a cigar but hosts were not having it and so

Me with my flower and my bottle of Rum.

It is also important to note that Tropicana has a pretty strict dress code.

Fancy dress.

But as a Nigerian whose theme is always to do the most, I was ready.

No really, I had gotten one of my trusted Dress makers something to let them know Naija no dey carry last.
Told you I came ready.

Shout out to the person who took this photo, you are a star girl.

Anyway the show started late as is expected in Cuba, but it blew my mind.

The costumes, the choreography, the ambience plus the fact that it was a hot spot region for internet in Cuba and the internet was stellar.

Side Stage

Dancer in her stunning out fit

Since it's held in an open air theater, the show was stopped when it started drizzling and we had to wait out the rain in the hotel lobby ( more time to catch up on the gram), and we got called back once the rain ended and the show was concluded.

After which the dancers came into the crowd to pull up people to dance on stage.

Selection Process

Lucky guy

And they called out countries and had the citizen dance and play songs from their countries and it was such a vibe.

A few things to note about Tropicana,

you might be the only black person there - I was, and I still enjoyed myself and I went alone.

They charge you CUC5 for taking photos.

I didn't pay because- huh?, and I still took photos.

But, just play it cool and be like  "I'm only here for the experience",
because half way through the show no one is going to come around and ask you to
1) not take photos
2)delete the photos you already took so

Its a far way out of town,
your  best bet is to get a cab that would drop you off and come back for you.
That's what I did and it worked out perfectly and cost me CUC20 "ir e venir".

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