Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Cuban Playlist

I do not speak Spanish so going to a country where Spanish is the lingua franca, is an interesting choice.

Something I did was download all the Spanish songs I could find, that interested me at least if I couldn't speak the language I would be able to dance at the clubs.


Anyway, I went to Cuba and fell in love with a bunch of  Spanish songs and now everyone hates riding with me because Spanish music is all I listen to, I don't care, if they don't like it, they can walk.


 Any way here are the top 5 songs on constant repeat.

5. Wisin- Vacaciones

I came across this song in my classic car ride on the day trip to Vinales.

Like the cab driver had pimped his car so much that he had a DVD screen and all that.

And I actually watched the video and fell in love.


4.  Widley- Tiengo Money

This one I stumbled and spluttered my drink out when I actually heard it. I was at Disco Ayala and the chorus came one.

Almost died. 0:52 till end, it gets pretty reminiscent of the barbie girl by Aqua song

Because it's the exact same melody.

Non withstanding this is on heavy rotation in my life so

3. Gente de Zona- La Gozadera

This one I heard on the night I went to cafe cantante, and let me tell you, It's not a new song but the whole club went willllld, when it came on.
Kinda like how everyone at Velvett gets super hype when a classic like Gongo Aso comes on.

2. Enrique X Friends- Subeme la Radio

This one I heard in the classic car, and fell in love instantly.
And the video was actually shot in Cuba.
So here I was, in a classic car, driving through old havana
where they shot the music video, watching the damn video
Vacation inception.

Also Enrique is sooooooooooooo hot. Like my lord. He does this flip thing at 3:18 in the video.
I'm like- Si Papi.


1. Luis Fonsi X Daddy Yankee - Despacito 
The Original.

I had heard this in Lagos, but because I am crazy sometimes, I did not understand the full power this jam was packing.

- Cab to the natural park
-Cab in Miami
-Club in Cuba
- Club in Miami
- Breakfast in Cuba
-Random radio on the street in Havana

Despacito was and is everywhere.
Keep a bit of your naïvety and do not google English translation of this song.
Also just so you know how huge this song is: it has 2.8bn views on Youtube.
There are 7 billion people in the world.
Go figure.

What is your favorite Spanish song?


  1. Cuba is one destination I look forward to visiting. Great post.

  2. Vivir mi vida - Marc Anthony

    1. OMGG I had no idea what this song was,we dance to it at Salsa! LOL thank you for the recommendation

  3. You should put it on your list. It is so beautiful, Old havana is like Lagos Island but smells way nicer.