Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Vinales X Fusterlandia.

Day three in Havana and I knew I had to sort out the trip to Vinales.
Signage from my rolled up window.

But I was nervous because
1- I do not smoke. Never ever ever (not even a single drag) tried anything smoking related.
2- I knew I had to go with a classic car but what suspension do those things have?

Sha sha, I had paid for a ticket to Cuba and there was no way I wasn't going.

After breakfast I walked to the street and haggled a classic car taxi for the trip to and fro.

It cost 80 CUC.

Side profile of the car
 Surprisingly the suspension was really good and or the roads were smooth,
 either way it was a good drive.

Notice the very recent usb stick. Renovation toh quality.
 Also the car had automatic transmission.
 I was like ahn ahn, I'm sure your mechanics here sabi all the work.

Accelerator and Brake.
 Unfortunately no A/C. but it was a rainy day so quite breezy.
Side profile of the driver/tour guide who was so sweet/efficient

 We finally get to Vinales and head straight to the tobacco farms.

Tobacco seeds.

Come closer.

the leaves being dried- and they look a lot like bats

Views of the farm

Dried leaves showing the different points and flavors.
After this tour we walked to a gazebo where we then saw the cigars rolled - not on the thighs of virgins unfortunately ( or fortunately) and we were offered sticks dipped in honey for tasting.

I think I have might have exaggerated when I said I have never smoked. I smoke shisha/hookah sparingly ( but I am looking to buy a bong, if anyone is interested ).

Turns out Cuban cigars are smoked without inhaling the smoke like you would do cigarettes.

So not too bad.

They see me rollin'

De-veining ( and hating)

Che looking on as I managed not to choke on my cigar.

Me being badass while my driver looks on approvingly.

After this, I asked the driver, what else is there to do here, in Vinales?

He said I'll take you to la cueva. aka the cave.

It's a garden with a sugar cane juice extractor and animals running around.
It also has a restaurant-that charges you to use the bathroom 🙄
and some animals running around.

There is a waiting period depending on how full the cave is and the trip costs 5CUC.

Yes, yes I know Cuba is really a tourist trap.
Scenes around the cave

Cueva del Indio

The only animals I saw

More scenes.
Sugar cane juice extractor- Why don't we have this in Lagos?

Cave entry

Trying to get into the boat.
Basically, there is a stream inside the cave and you sail through the cave. enter on one side and come out reborn via the other side, pretty basic stuff.

Except the cave is pitch black and the guide said something about no flash lights?


If you are claustrophobic please sit this one out.

Finished the cruise without incident, except those three seconds when the boat engine stopped.

So what else is in Vinales?

He said we can go to this hotel and there is an amazing view and I'm like LET US DO THIS.

But then my camera battery died. *sigh*

Anyway iPhone to the rescue.

Pretty dope hotel in Vinales, the most luxurious thing I saw there

This View tho. I have an amazing Panorama I plan to frame.

This I actually really like. It's a compass showing the distance from the spot to various cities.

Zoomed in.

Slightly tired, I suggested to the driver that I really want to see Fusterlandia.

All you need to know about Fusterlandia is in this article Here ( Go on click on it you know you want to).

When I got there it was closed * sad face*

But you know I'm always down for a photoshoot, the murals on the walls around are the most beautiful thing.

Agabya Status.
As an aside the art in cuba is really really really something.

Spent about 20 minutes walking around and just being in awe, like your neighbors let you put mosaic on their fences, walls, gates?

In Dolphin the person you share your twin non detached duplex with won't even let you paint the front of their house FOR FREE.

The driver so sweetly pointed out all the popping of areas as we drove back to central havana.

Oh and later in the evening I went dancing and made some "newer friends".

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