Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Havana II, Cuba

Day two found me roaming the streets of Havana looking for breakfast and ended up doing an impromptu photo shoot at the terrace of the standard hotel and eventually found at a cafe around the corner from my Casa that offered a really decent spread for 5 CUC daily.

Also ended up having breakfast there daily.

Terrace from the hotel.

Light house


Look at that stunning view.

Ps: The food in Cuba is colorful but pretty bland, tabasco sauce was my best friend, I literally took it everywhere and it helped a little.

 I had planned to visit Vinales and watch Cuban cigars being rolled on the thighs of virgins but it was impossible to get  a taxi to take me so I settled for the beach instead.

I had initially planned to go to Baracoa beach but settled for Santa Maria Del Mar and it was perfect.
The beautiful Playa Santa Maria Del Mar

Issa snack. Cuban men are delicious. 💖


Forward to the Islands, I'll get you gold no spray tans

Obligatory swimsuit photo.

Made new friends, shared Cuban rum on the beach and swam in the ocean.

Later in the evening, I took a walking tour of Old Havana and it was so lovely.

Tour  guide

Three hours of facts on facts on facts.

Everywhere we looked, cars


AND  more cars

Was so tired after that walk. I went back to my casa and passed out literally.

The women in Cuba were dressed with so much sex appeal. I love it.

Told you I made friends. 😎

Obligatory fancy door photo

Artist studio

Other tourists on the walking tour

The barcadi house**

**The barcadi family were said to flee Cuba before the revolution and started making rum in Puerto rico.

Cubans scoff at Barcadi because it says Cuban rum on the bottle but if its not made in Cuba- how can it be Cuban rum?

I respect the sentiment.

The locals swear by Havana club and Santiago de cuba.

Me, I just drank everything I was given.

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  1. Pretty surprised the food is bland. Would have expected it to be quite flavorful. In all the places i have traveled to, Puerto Rico had the best food and I guess I just lumped them together.